Norden and the Norden association

What is Norden?
Norden is the Nordic name for the north European region consisting of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, and the three autonomous regions of the Aland Islands, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. Norden has a population of approximately 23 million people. The Nordic co-operation covers a broad field of activities aimed at promoting mutual contacts within the region.

The Norden Association- working for nordic co-operation
The Norden Associations are the oldest organizations for promoting Nordic co-operation in all fields, officially as well as unofficially. Separate Norden Associations in Denmark, Norway and Sweden were founded in 1919. In 1922, in Iceland, and in 1924 in Finland.
In 1951, a Nordic organization was set up on the Faroe Islands (an autonomous group of islands in the North Atlantic belonging to Denmark), and in 1979, on the Aland islands in the Baltic sea.
They are under the administration of Finland. In 1991 the Norden association was established in Greenland (autonomous part of Denmark).

The Norden Association is a politically independent organization (NGO) with approximately 70 000 members throughout the nordic countries. The Federation of the Norden Associations is the umbrella organization for the Norden Associations. The aim of the Norden Association is to stimulate and improve Nordic co-operation at all levels, especially in the fields of education, culture, the labour market, industry, mass media, international aid and environmental care.

The Norden Association of Iceland
The Norden Association of Iceland was founded in 1922 with the overall aim to built a better society by strengthening and supporting co-operation and friendship between Iceland and other nations within the Nordic region. This belief is still the most important guiding light for the Norden Association today.

The Norden Association of Iceland works in 30 division all over Iceland. The activities within the divisions varies but popular local projects include Nordic Twin City co-operation, youth exchange, Nordic events and different co-operation projects with the local municipality. The association is growing and regularily new local clubs and divisions are founded.

The Norden Association Office is located at Óðinstorg in Reykjavik. The staff and active members working at the office provide the members, the Icelandic public and all visitors and correspondence professional service and information about the Nordic region and Nordic Cooperation.

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